Networked Solutions


The Philips Dynalite Systems Training has been carefully designed to develop sales and technical capabilities effectively.

Our trainers

Our courses are delivered by experienced, qualified corporate trainers who have a broad understanding of our products and systems and their applications.

Our philosophy on learning

The Dynalite Systems Training encourages a practical and pragmatic approach to learning.

Students are tutored to achieve the required competency levels using a range of different learning styles to accommodate the needs of each trainee with comprehensive training guides to accompany each session as well as PowerPoint and software demonstrations and practical sessions.

Our courses are created to offer an approach in which students are encouraged to think imaginatively in designing and configuring a system that will exceed customer expectations.

Not simply courses of instruction, these are interactive programs blending theory with practical activities and using real life case studies to provide students with tools and techniques that can be applied immediately.

Ensuring your continuing professional development

Our comprehensive approach doesn’t stop at the classroom door. Once you have completed your formal training, we will work with you beyond the classroom to continue in developing your capabilities.

On successful completion of the associated online accreditation, you will be invited to new courses and Webinar sessions which will build on your existing level of knowledge. Your accreditation will be valid for 2 years from date of achievement.

Our courses

System Designer

The course focuses on the essential knowledge required for the design of lighting control systems. The course covers the fundamentals of system design, providing trainees with the basic information and skills needed to attain competency.

Typical Trainee

Application engineer, System Engineers

Who will benefit

Trainees interested in acquiring the skills needed to correctly specify, design, and manage a Philips Dynalite project

Philips Dynalite System Builder Level 1 & 2

Philips Dynalite produce a wide range of products that allow each installation to be tailored to the customer’s exact requirements. On this programmer’s course, trainees will acquire the basic knowledge and skills required to successfully commission such projects. The course includes training on System Builder, a powerful Philips Dynalite software application designed specifically for commissioning Philips Dynalite networks.

Typical Trainee

Application engineers; Electrical contractors; AV Integrators; Lighting Designers

Who will benefit

The course will benefit all those intending to carry out the basic commissioning of a Philips Dynalite control system, towards providing scene setting control for one or more areas of lighting.

Philips Dynalite System Manager

Philips Dynalite produces a wide range of products that allows each installation to be tailored to the client’s exact requirements. This course will give students the basic knowledge and skills required to manage a project. This module uses Philips Dynalite System Manager, a powerful Philips Dynalite software application designed for the management of Philips Dynalite networks.

Typical Trainee

Application Engineer, Electrical Contractor, AV Integrator, Lighting Designer, Facility Manager.

Who will benefit

Anyone wanting to carry out basic management of a Philips Dynalite control system.