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Networked Solutions

UL Certificates of Compliance

Melbourne, Australia

User InterfacesDownload Link
Antumbra Button NA Antumbra Button NA

Oct 2019

PDTS Philips Dynalite Touch Screen

May 2019

PADPA Antumbra Display American

Oct 2019

PATPA Antumbra Touch American

Oct 2019

DR2PA Revolution Series Revolution Series American

Mar 2019

DL2PA Standard Series Standard Series American

Jan 2021

DUS30CS Multifunction Sensor

Jul 2017

DUS90CS Multifunction Sensor

Jul 2017

DUS360CR Multifunction Sensor

Jan 2016

DUS360CR-DA Multifunction Sensor

Jan 2016

DUS360CS Multifunction Sensor

Jan 2016

DUS360CS-D Multifunction Sensor

Jan 2016

Relay Controllers 
DRC-GRMS-UL Switching Room Controller

Dec 2016

DDRC-GRMS-E Switching Room Controller with Ethernet port

Jul 2019

DDRC420FR Relay Controller

Oct 2017

DDRC1220FR-GL Relay Controller

Oct 2017

Power Dimmer Controllers 
DDLEDC605GL PWM Controller

Jun 2018

Signal Dimmer Controllers 
DDBC120-DALI MultiMaster DALI Driver Controller

Mar 2017

DDBC1200 Signal Dimmer Controller

Apr 2018

DDBC516FR Signal Dimmer Controller

Nov 2019

Multipurpose Controllers 
DMC2-UL Multipurpose Modular Controller

Sep 2015

DMC4-UL Multipurpose Modular Controller

Apr 2016

DMC-GRMS-UL Multipurpose Modular Room Controller

Apr 2017

DDMC802 Multipurpose Modular Controller

Nov 2017

Integration Devices 
DLLI8I8O Dry Contact Interface

Oct 2015

DPMI940-D Dry Contact Interface

Apr 2016

Wireless Devices 
PDZG-E Philips Dynalite ZigBee Gateway Ethernet

Jan 2021

SNS401CMP Dynalite ZigBee Driver Controller

Jan 2021

Network Devices 
PDDEG-S Philips Dynalite Ethernet Gateway - Supervisor

Oct 2019

PDEG Ethernet Gateway

Apr 2014

PDEB Ethernet Bridge

Apr 2014

Electrical Accessories 
DH2X24 DIN Rail Enclosure

Apr 2019