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Relay Controller

Luminaire mount control of switched loads

The Philips Dynalite DMRC210DA-RJ12 relay controller is part of the EcoSystem and is designed to allow intelligent, sub-networked control of luminaires, when used in combination with the DUS360CR-DA occupancy sensor.

  • Incorporates two relay outputs - Two independently controlled relay outputs designated for switching lighting loads.
  • Gear enclosure mounting - Compact design allows the device to be mounted directly within the gear enclosure of many light fittings.
  • Fully rated device - Suitable for large in-rush lighting loads.
  • Dipswitch configuration - Allows rapid set area configuration and provides out-of-the-box functionality without the need for a PC and software on-site.
  • Standalone or networked operation - The device can be connected to a fully networked Philips Dynalite system when extra functionality is required.
  • Inbuilt diagnostic functionality - Features Device Online/Offline status indication.

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