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Switching Room Controller

Compact switching controller for single room solutions

The Philips Dynalite DRC-GRMS-UL controller is a general room automation and energy management solution. This controller is completely self-contained and requires no external power supply, relays or processor. This model is suitable for use in CE and UL markets.

  • Dry contact inputs – The unit receives instructions from button presses or a key card switch.
  • Pre-programmed – No programming required as the unit is supplied with complex functions such as ‘master on/off’, 'room unoccupied’, ‘do not disturb’ or ‘make up room’ already configured.
  • Built-in directional motor relays – Provides control of motorized blinds for a full automation solution.
  • Two 16 A power relays – Enables a total energy management solution, reducing standby power consumption by switching off power outlets and air conditioning systems when not required.
  • Optional HVAC control module – Enables integration with local or centralized HVAC system.
  • UL924 input – Suitable for use with emergency lighting circuits.
  • Single box solution – Provides an economical total energy management solution.
  • Built-in sequential logic functionality – Allows intelligent responses to programmed triggers.