Networked Solutions


DALI Driver Controller

Power saving DALI control solution

The Philips Dynalite DDBC320-D features three DALI outputs, allowing control of up to 192 DALI devices. It also features 3 x 20 A feed-through switched circuits for DALI driver mains supply.

  • Compatible with a range of DALI fittings and devices – Including DALI drivers, DALI electronic low voltage transformers and DALI LED fixtures.
  • Built-in energy savings – Control signals can be programmed to operate in tandem with three internal switched outputs, which will automatically isolate the power circuit when all associated channels are at 0%. This is a useful feature as DALI drivers still draw significant power when lamps are turned off via a DALI command.
  • Fully scalable network solution – Direct mapping from DALI to the Philips Dynalite DyNet network protocol eliminates DALI imposed limits such as maximum group sizes.
  • Flexible mounting solution –DIN rail mountable device, designed to be installed into the distribution board supplying power to the controlled lighting circuit.
  • Integral DALI bus power supply – Removes the need for provision of a separate external power supply and reduces distribution board wiring complexity.
  • Inbuilt diagnostic functionality – Features lamp and driver failure reporting, driver run time tracking for each driver and Device Online/Offline status indication.