Networked Solutions

DR2PE Revolution Series

Revolution Series European

Clip-on cover system provides the ultimate design flexibility

The Philips Dynalite Revolution series of user interfaces provides an elegant and sophisticated connection to the DyNet network. The devices can communicate directly with each other, with lighting load controllers and with other integration devices, offering a simple user interface capable of complex automation system functions. The DR2PE range is suitable for, but not limited to, European, Middle Eastern, African and Asian markets.

  • Extensive designer range – Innovative clip-on cover fastening system provides the ultimate flexibility in décor-matching. Standard finishes include brushed stainless steel and white or black glass.
  • A choice of button colors – To complement the cover color and finish choice, buttons are available in silver,
    white or charcoal gray.
  • Custom engraving options - Identification of button function is made simple through custom engraving. Buttons can be labeled to identify purpose or area, providing accurate explanation of function. Backlighting assists to locate the panel and provides ease of readability, even in a darkened environment.
  • LED status indicators - Easily discern which mode is in operation via the LED indicator on each button.
  • Standard control options - Each button can be programmed to perform a range of standard control options that are individually configured to perform functions including toggle lighting on/off and ramp lighting up/ down.
  • Complex functionality in a single action - A single button press can be used to effect an entire system change, providing a true automation solution.
  • Designed to meet any requirement - Available in one to 24 button configurations, the Revolution series user interfaces can be designed to perform as many or as few functions as required.