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Color Touchscreen

A feature-rich 7-inch color LCD touchscreen

A Philips Dynalite touchscreen adds a new dimension of control to any automation application. The DTP170 supports a range of features that provide end-users with the ultimate in automation system interaction. The screen can be customized to control all automation elements from one location. The device features a screen size of 94mm x 155mm.

  • Vivid graphics and sophisticated onscreen controls - Objects such as logos, buttons, faders, floor plans and diagnostic icons can be placed on pages to perform simple or complex control functions.
  • Simple page creation - Easy-to-use pages are created using Philips Dynalite's touchscreen editor and JavaScript is fully supported.
  • Windows operating system and full internet connectivity – Runs Windows CE with audio and video support.
  • Décor matching capability - The innovative clip-on fascia can be matched with Revolution series user interfaces, or customized using practically any flat architectural medium.